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Actress / Director / Queen of my own fantasy 👸🏻😂▪️◾️TURN ON MY POST NOTIFICATIONS◾️▪️ to get your daily dose of happiness 💋 Amanda Cerny instagram

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Thank you for welcoming me #Bulgaria. 💗Even though I was filming on set for #211 the majority Of the time that I was here, I was stoked to be able to use my free time to meet a lot of my supporters here. #teamcerny Life can be such an adventure and, at the end of the day, it is short... so do not waste any of it!!! Let's all be kind, work hard, love all, stay inspired , take risks, be free and... smile more!!! 😍☺️👑 (what is your favorite motivational quote ?)

On set today filming Millenium 'a feature film #211 with Nicolas Cage ! It snowed today...'s almost summer ...😂😂😂 (((DOING A FAN MEET&GREET TODAY AT 7:00pm (19:00) at THE BEDROOM CLUB in SOFIA, BULGARIA-- ALL AGES!!! )))

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