This is why @kingbach and I aren't dating.. 😂😂😳😡 #AmandaCerny (TAG 3 FRIENDS)


Gokil meannn;);):)
Wste soy yo jejejeje @princesaochoa
Jajjajja si eres me consta @ronaldxtreme eso aras conmigo lo sé 😢
I swear I ship these 2 so badly they should acc go out ✨
@soma.ghaze awa kaplakama 😂🙈
Team Amanda 💜💛
@rexhina_merko1 ahhahHhhahahah 😂
Song 🙏🏻
Lol your really hella funny.
Song name ????????
omg haha 😂😅😭
@zvzvlka @luv.qw hahahahhahahahaha
Will u marry me
Lol u so funny
Cuando te pones muy provocativa @teresii225 😂😂😂😂😂
Lol can't stop laughing
What if the boat started moving 🤣