When your best friend tries to stay mad at you 👱🏻‍♀️👀🤗 (TAG YOURS)


Meee be lyk😌😏 gadengg eww @indiraair
New Lele huh lmao
We see you Amanda
Coughs *UM LELE* oh excuse me *wink
When did she stop being friends with LeLe? 😨
You got cool best friend good
چقدر نازی
bff @gretagojnovci 😊😊😢😯😙😘
bff are live 😊 @amandacerny i just love u so muchh and plzz like my photo for you plz plz plz 😱🙏🙏😻
@amandacerny her thoughts: I hate how I can't stay mad at you.
hehehe funny @sfimeen_18 mad no chnce 😅😅😅
@fayalsaqr 😂👌🏻
وش الي يضحك 😂 @rxxq_
ضحكتني حركة اللي على اليسار.😂 @fayalsaqr
Is a cheap copy of LELE
I miss that Amanda and Lele are not friends anymore 😭😭
She kinda looks like elsa