One of my favorite nights on tour


selena you are my queen 8 years ❤
U r so kind
Hi, I'm Alivia Buchanan and I'm from Middletown Ohio, and I go to Middletown school district. I'm going out on a limb here because I believe that I'm truly desperate for change. I've read through your insta, and I know that you do music and kind of speak and vibe the words you want to say, for the girls and guys who aren't strong enough, or who wanna be, "I do it for those who are still trying to find their purpose and still trying to find a reason to live." But anyways. A girl Riley jones who went to my school, hung herself on her door, because she couldn't find anything left in her. I wasn't close to her but I was friends with her. Our school hasn't mentioned anything about her, or let alone any of the other students through the past two or three years that have committed suicide. I want to be heard, by a broad range of people. I want the world to change. If only adults knew half of what we go through in our heads. I feel like you understand. If my school feels like they're not entitled to say anything about this, I do, I know kids at my school do too. This isn't just at one school, this lack of not feeling like you're enough, and feeling worthless, it's everywhere. And I wanna improve it. Please help me or show me somewhere I can get help for this. I don't even know where to start. Sent from my iPhone
Hi Selena!!!!! Im Hazel M.L i go to EMS middke school and iblive in Colorado i want my very first concert to be urs. So like release songs faster pls and come to COLORADO I want to be just like u one day. My parents and everyone i know thinks i can become a singer, do you? I practice every day singing your songs, I LOVE U!!!!!!!
You is the best girl😍
Very Beautiful
Very Sweet
The most beautiful girl which wll b going to be d hearthrob of millions...
Que buen gesto
I really wish I could meet u...Your heart is so pure, I wish God made more people like you. The world would have been a better place.
Selena Dice mi hermana que te extraña mucho, saca un album ql po wn oh
I love you. U r so good
Lovely ❤️FROM 🇮🇹
everyone pleaѕe ғollow me